Two dancers showcased their talent with confidence.

Kalasagaram featured two dancers on the second day of its Annual Youth Festival of dance — Preethi Padmanabhan and S. Varsha. Preethi Padmanabhan, a disciple of Rajeshwari Sainath started off with, Paripari Nee Padame.

This invocation to Lord Vinayaka, praising him as a remover of obstacles is a composition of Balamurali Krishna in Hamsadwani. Next was an allarippu in Sankeerna Nadai where she impressed all with her crisp footwork.

Her major piece was the Sudha Danyasi Varnam, Aadum Mayil Mel Varuvan a composition of Madurai Sethuraman.

The jathis and Theermanams were elaborately choreographed and Preethi did full justice to them. Preethi depicted the timeless story of Radha and Krishna with a waiting Radha getting mesmerised by Krishna's flute in the Sumanesa Ranjani melody, Punnai Mara Nizhalil. Preethi ended with the Valachi tillana which was a treat to watch.

Rajeshwari Sainath steered the way on the talam with Karra Srinivas on the mridangam, Chander Rao on the violin and Venkatesh on the flute. Special mention must be made of the melodious vocal contribution of Sangeetha Kala throughout the evening.

Kumari S. Varsha of Chennai started with the lovely Mallari in Ghambheera Natai in Khanda Triputa talam. Varsha belonging to the school of Padma Subramaniam showed off her pedigree, agility in footwork and clipped control of Laya in the Naatakurinji Varnam of Papanasam Sivan, Swami Naan.

Her delicate expressions came to fore in Annumanai. Varsha showed good nimbleness and balance in the Kadanakuthuhala tillana. Karra Srinivas turned Nattuvanar for Varsha with a superb Nagai Narayanan taking over the mridangam; the rest of the troupe remained the same. Inspite of the rushed sancharis what stood out was the talented Varsha's overall quality of performance and how beautifully she used the time allotted to her.