Mohiniyattam dancers Mythili Anoop and Anusri Nair displayed a fine harmony through their performance.

Mythili Anoop and Anusri Nair, are friends who are pursuing Mohiniyattam from different gurus. But their performance held at Saptaparni last week, under the aegis of Natya Swara, was well-coordinated. The numbers they presented to a pre-recorded music score were shared between them, while main numbers were presented by them together.

The dances by the duo, individually or together, were a kind of free flowing slow motion show, a specialty in Mohiniyattam style of presentation, well disciplined graceful moves wearing glittering costumes with golden brocades, hairdo bedecked with jasmine flowers and their fine figures won half the battle in impressing the audience right with their stunning entry.

The performance began with Ganesha Vandanam written by Kavalam Narayana Panikker, set to Arabhi that describes how Vinayaka, guarding the abode Kailasa, while his mother Parvati is bathing. As there is much drama involved, Mythili and Anusri shared thematic abhinaya. The vocal rendition in the recording was the best in the entire musical part of the event.

Devi Pavane in Saveri, a popular Navaratri kriti of Swati Thirunal, was an ode to the most beautiful Devi. This was presented with devotion by Anusri Nair. Omkaara Karini a composition of Balamurali Krishna, in Lavangi describing Devi as one who created Omkaaram, the source of birth of universe was taken up by Mythili. This was choreographed by Guru Gopika Varma. This was followed by Keshava Picnicker’s composition, Navarasanjali in Anandabhairavi, describing Devi as the one with radiant face compared to moon, eyes, deer and so on. Performing this, Mythili and Anusri together could bring out the inbuilt emotions in right proportion, reflective of Navarasas.

Anusri’s next solo number Rithu Vasantham in Vasantha was a padam written by the legendary Kalamandalam Kalyanikutti Amma. Lalitha Lavanga latha Pariseelana, an Ashtapadi Mythili presented later was a Rasaleela sequence with Krishna and Gopikas on the banks of Yamuna. The final number was Dhanasri tillana of Swathi Tirunal, performed by Mythili and Anusri together.