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Friday Review » Dance

Updated: December 23, 2010 20:53 IST

Memorable memories…Lavanya Ananth

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Lavanya Ananth.
Lavanya Ananth.

“There are several moving moments in my artistic journey. However, some very special incidents are still etched in memory…

I remember sitting on my elder sister's lap as a child, watching Malavika Sarukkai perform a Thanjavur Quartet varnam in Bhairavi, at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. It must have been in the early 1980s. The auditorium, which had thatched roofs and was open on all sides those days, was packed to capacity. During the performance, there was a sudden heavy downpour accompanied by lightning and thunder. The presence of natural elements combined with the vibrancy of Malavika's dance had a surreal effect... it made a special impact on me at such a young age that I remember it vividly even now.

The first time I saw Leela Samson, she performed a Dikshitar kriti on Ardhanareeswara. The power of silence in her dance affected me deeply and her choreography was so moving that I fell in love with that concept. I will be presenting the same concept this year, which will be different in style but is clearly inspired by her.

Listening to a three- hour pure classical concert by Sanjay Subramaniam for the first time is another favourite. As an artist, I was moved by the depth of his music. It was awesome.

As far as my performances go, the one I presented inside the Chidambaram temple when I was eight, is the most memorable. It was during Sivaratri. My guru S.K. Rajarathnam Pillai wielded the cymbals and sang for me as I performed ‘Nadanam Aadinaar' and ‘Enneramum Undhan Sannidhi' in front of the sanctum sanctorum. Dancing in front of the Cosmic Dancer to the soulful music of my first guru… what more could one ask for!

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