A group of Chinese and Tibetan girls recently staged a Kuchipudi recital.

All kudos to the management committee of the Visakhapatnam Arts and Dance Association, its secretary Ramana Rao in particular, for organising a Kuchipudi recital by Chinese and Tibetan girls at Kalabharathi on Monday. Otherwise, the state of affairs of teaching of our fine arts abroad could never get revealed.

Monica Leung, Sylvia So, Amy Ting, Anita Lee, Cynthia Lau, Jackie Lau, Jasmine Larn, Kirby Wong, Lisa Lee, Joyce Kun and Kauren Leung, besides Siri Manasa Eranki, a relative of their guru Srihari Baladitya of pure yoga central, Hong Kong, presented the recital. A very well accomplished master of yoga, Srihari trained in dance as a student of Kuchipudi Kalakshetra at Visakhapatnam for a few years. In strict adherence to the traditionally followed format of Kuchipudi recital, he made the girls perform the items individually and in groups.

Wielding the cymbals and also rendering vocals along with Sowmya, Srihari not only appeared to be wanting in precisely keeping the laya but also as a teacher who trained the girls. Edukondalu on mridangam, Neeladrirao on violin and Rajarao on flute had a trying time in the process.

The girls on their part faithfully reproduced with felicitous charm all aspects of aangikaabhinaya they learnt. They did not seem withered despite the fact they were given the stage one and half hours behind schedule. Appearing as dancing dolls, they cast a charm on all in the auditorium.

Connoisseurs of the Kuchipudi tradition and dance in general however wondered as to how a novice in the field of classical dance like Srihari is allowed to impart training in Kuchipudi style of dancing and projecting it wrongly and poorly. Is it not time for the government of India to impose its control over such a phenomenon, remained a moot point.

Selection of cine songs

Veturi Cine Sangeetha Vibhavari took place at Kalabharathi. It was organised by Rasi Devotional and Cultural Trust by its founder president Palagummi Rajagopal. His daughter Suhasini Anand (AIR graded artiste for light music), Usha Prasad, Sasirani, Jayalakshmi, Ramana (Hyderbad), Peter and Ramesh Patnaik collectively and individually rendered select songs from feature films.

Bheeshma (guitarist) orchestra from Vizianagaram comprised of keyboards by Sai and Ramarao, flute by Kurmanadham, jaj by Mahesh, bongos by Rammohan, pads by Pavan Kumar, and tablas by Ramana and Chakrapani.