‘Kuchipudi Prasasthi’ was a ballet presented by Kuchipudi Dance Academy, which explains this dance form’s progress through the ages. The event held as part of Nritya Kinnera’s annual celebrations, highlighted ‘Ananda Siva Tandavam’ the origin of dance — also called ‘Sivakalpa drumamu’ — presented as a thematic presentation with a gurukulam scene where young students of dance are told by their guru (Dega Sambasiva Rao) that an ankle bell of Lord Siva fell on earth where Kuchipudi village stands now.

Thus the play brought in a sequence set in Siva’s abode Kailasam to a song Himagiri Adi Dampatula only to say that the celestial couple was the origin of dance. Surendranath as Siva and Sindhu as Parvati figured in this scene. Another scene set with Thyagaraja explains how he gave away raga Anandbhairavi to Kuchipudi artistes to own and saying he would not touch it. This was symbolised with dance to Madhuranagarilo in that raga. Kedaranath figured as Thyagaraja in that drama. Then dance to the song Sidhendra Ganamulalo Sidhi Vridhi signified Sidhendra rooting this art. There was another dance for Nallani Vadu Padmanayanambula Vaadu featuring Divya as Krishna and Bhavana as Gopika.

To explain to the students about ‘navarasas’ and ‘nayikas’, relevant characters from the Epics were presented.

D.S.V. Sastry lent vocal support. Rajagopal on mridangam, Jayakumarachary on morsing and special effects, Dinkar on violin, Narayana on veena were in instrumental group. Surabhi Kishore looked after stage and lighting needs.