A ballet revived an old form of dance practiced by the devdasis of east Andhra.

Navajanardana Parijatham is another form of Bhamakalapam practiced in the olden days by Devadasis of east Andhra. Nataraja Ramakrishna revived this wonderful form that has both lyrical and performing beauty, composed of a number of daruvus.

Akhila, Saisri, Vineela, Swetha and Swapna were the dancers. This was arranged by ‘Upasana', a cultural organisation, at Thyagaraya Ganasabha. Perini Srinivas and his guru Kalakrishna trained them in this art of Andhra Natyam. The entire show was presented to a pre-recorded music support with vocalist Sarada Reddy and B. Balaram on mridangam completing the ensemble.

The Andhra Natyam show opened with Pushpanjali. And the ‘Sivakaivaram', another traditional temple dance, followed with all the five artistes taking part in it. ‘Anandanatanam' was presented with artistes interchanging the roles to fit into a series.

Displaying their talent

All these girls were active and enthusiastic to display their talent. This was more evident in the their repertoire ‘Navajanarda Parijatham.' All the five dancers came on to the stage, all made up to look ‘Satyabhamas' with traditionally decorated plaits.

They presented the first daruvu Bhamayani Pilature a character introductory song. The beauty lay in the way they repeated the Daruvu line, while changing the foot work combinations. Another daruvu Ravayya Madana followed the same repetitive structure covering all the stage with foot work and chasing moods. Akhila separated from the rest, continues narrating the features of Satyabhama as she is the daughter of Satrajittu, haunted by the thoughts of Srikrishna, the central figure of the whole drama displaying the urge of Satyabhama to join him. However, the quality of the recording being poor, the lyrical script could not be clearly followed. There was another Daruvu Ravayya Madana Mohana followed by jatis presented by two of the girls. Then there was another daruvu in which Bhama makes pleas to ‘Chandamama' (the moon), who witnesses Satyabhama's agony. And the show ended showing these spirited girls, four of whom forming Krishna's frame.

All the girls presented the dances with a good understanding of the script. However, only a part of the drama was presented on this occasion.