A mythological dance-drama ‘Vijayeswari Durge’ was staged.

A well presented mythological dance-drama Vijayeswari Durge written by Vedantam Ramalinga Sastri and choreographed by reputed Andhra Natyam exponent Sarada Ramakrishna, Director of Ramakrishna Nritya Kala Kshetram, was staged at Gokaraju Laila Gangaraju Kala Vedika on the premises of G.V.R. Government College of Music and Dance, Vijayawada.

The dance drama unfolded the story of Mahishasura, the demon who, on securing a boon from Brahma, turns cruel and begins to torture the sages and devatas. They appeal to Narada to save them from Mahishasura. Narada takes them to Vaikuntha and the Devatas request Lord Vishnu to destroy the demon. Vishnu tells them that he cannot withdraw a boon given by Brahma. However, he says that if all the Devatas give their divine powers to Aadishakthi, she would solve their problem. Acting upon this advice, Indra, Siva, the Devatas and sages offer their powers to Aadishakthi and request her to save them from Mahishasura. .

The story was enacted in the form of a dance drama by the cast led by Sarada Ramakrishna, who donned the main role of Aadishakthi and gave an effective performance. Good portrayal as Mahishasura came from Eleswarapu Srinivas. Other roles were played by K. Subramanya Prasad (Narada), A. Poornachandra Rao (Brahma), Chinta Venkataramana (Siva), V.Satyavara Prasad (Vishnu), V. Vedasaranya, Venkatalakshmi, Lakshmi Sowjanya, Geeta, Praveena, Ramana, Jani Miya, Satyanarayana Reddy, Hemasunder, Saikrishna and Subramanya m. In the function that followed the dance-drama, well known Kuchipudi Natyacharya Vedantam Ramalinga Sastri was honoured.