Gati Dance Forum invites applications from dancers across the country for its summer dance residency

Gati, a Delhi-based forum for dancers that actively engages with dancers and audiences through activities such as workshops, discussions and performances, has become known over the years for its summer residency programme. This initiative brings young choreographers together with experienced artists in the field for several weeks of intensive work. In the past, the activities in this retreat-like project have included exchanges between the young artists and the mentoring faculty, followed by development of choreographic ideas in practice and verbal sessions, culminating in a show where the work created during the residency is presented to the public.

The next such project, Gati Summer Dance Residency 2013, is scheduled from August 17 to October 19. Meant “for aspiring dancers and choreographers in the contemporary and classical dance fields to create new choreographic works infused with original ideas”, the nine-week residency offers dancers financial support, individual mentoring, rehearsal space, production assistance and a platform to present their creative performance, says Gati’s Kanishka Bagga.

Who can apply? According to Gati organisers, “if you are a dancer who has always wanted to create your own work, think you would benefit from exchanging ideas and receiving feedback, seek to discover a personal dance language, are trained in a form and want to experiment with it or extend its boundaries, want to explore the space between dance and other disciplines,” then you may well find an outlet at the residency. That description is likely to cover a larger number of dancers than it would exclude.

The aim is to select six residents from the applicants. “We endeavour to reach out to dancers from all parts of the country and draw the nascent talent that often goes unnoticed in India,” says Kanishka.

The deadline for submissions is June 10.

Those interested in participating can write to or call 9971406113.