Kavita Dwibedi's performance left the audience fresh and content.

Kavita Dwibedi seemed tailor-made to SpicMacay's objective. She was able to strike a complete balance on both the performance as well as the lec-dem aspects.

Detailing in brief and expressive tones the essence of Odissi dance and its repertoire, she pepped it up with a full-fledged traditional fare-like the mangalacharan followed by pallavi, then an abhinaya piece and finally a ‘Moksha' which denotes the ultimate goal of all art.

In the process the capacity auditorium was able to witness a singularly clean presentation devoid of superimpositions, strictly within the classical frame with an insight (provided by the dancer's brief yet very informative introduction) into Odissi dance. The flow of this particular genre through the tribhanga (three postures) were explained in a lucid manner. Pallavi, the pure dance or nritta substantiated the second layer of this dance form. Kavita danced her way through the vilambit and dhrut cycles to raag Sankarabharanam.

The temple sculptures are supposed to come alive to the musical notations. Her footwork was perfect with deft moves and swerves.

The fulcrum of performing arts is the navarasa or the nine moods. Kavitha's excellent portrayal drew instant applause. In fact, the house gave her a standing ovation at the end of the performance. She chose an Odissi piece malli mala Shyama ku debe... in which Radha (epitome of shringara) is shown as waiting to garland her Lord Krishna, bearing the heat of the scorching sun accentuated by the absence of her beloved.

A gamut of emotions went into this song from bhakti to armour to irritation (bheebatsa) to peace (shanta). Her gesticulations enhanced the emotive flavour of this composition. Art is a means to realisation is the essence of Indian philosophy.

Hence ‘Moksha' moved in rhythmic footwork to the bhol taan encompassing the ultimate truth ‘sarve bhavantu sukhi naha...' with the shanti mantra drawing the performance to a close. Kavita Dwibedi left her audience feeling fresh and content.