Eva Yerbabuena’s Spanish flamenco was filled with a fiery passion

It is not for nothing that they say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Many have even spoken about its majesty. But when simplicity is combined with skill and passion, it creates an explosive combination.

That is probably the best way to describe the recent performance by the Spanish flamenco sensation and expert Eva Yerbabuena, as she danced her way into the hearts of the packed audience. The audience had lined up the aisles of the Chowdiah Memorial Hall to watch her in a performance organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in collaboration with the embassy of Spain and the Bangalore School of Music.

The stage was set only with a dias for the musicians: two singers, a guitarist, a musician to play the beats. Eva began with what seemed like a slightly cautious start, to a plaintive tune rendered by both the singers, backed by the thrums of the guitar. And then suddenly the tune would change tempo, with Eva matching up to it effortlessly with her speedy, split-second footwork that was simply awe-inspiring.

Elegantly bestowing a smile

Just as quickly the song would become a lament again before unexpectedly picking up in bursts of aggrieved passion reinforced by her abrupt, almost jagged movements.

The performance itself was beautiful in its rawness. As though in keeping with the song, Eva too wore a simple black dress.

The next set saw Eva in a more elaborate white costume. This time, she was foot-tappingly fiery, breaking into the crux of the dance more quickly, more elegantly, even smiling once in a way. The guitar too came alive in keeping with the mood of the dancer and the artistes seemed to be narrating a story. Eva was lively, and expressive in her trance-like ecstasy that never lost the fiery essence of the dance itself; the dancer was proud and dramatic in her movements.

The flavours of the performance seemed only to attain more sophistication towards the end of the evening.

Eva presented herself in a fitting black dress with a tail, enhancing her sinuous body movements. This time her dance tuned out even the music. All that one remembers are her movements — more refined, more focused in their passion, and therefore more smooth and flowing.

These movements were combined seamlessly with her footwork that she showed off with an elegant lift of the tail.

She brought in a prop this time around, though: a pink shawl that one of the singers wrapped around her.

She removed it, danced with it, wrapped it passionately around and then removed it again, still dancing with it as she left the stage.