A ballet was presented in Kuchipudi taking themes from the Pancha Kavyas.

The five Pancha kavyas are Manu charitra of Allasani Peddana, Parijatapaharanam of Nandi Timmana, Vasucharitra of Ramarjabhushanudu, Panduranga Mahatmyam of Tenali Ramakrishna and Amuktamalyada of Krishnadevaraya. A ballet was presented in Kuchipudi taking themes from these Pancha Kavyas. Well known Kuchipudi guru K.V. Satyanarayana choreographed and played Sri Krishnadevaraya’s role in opening and closing scenes.

This theme was conceptualised and written by noted poet and ashtavadani Rallabandi Kavita Prasad. A single act from all the three kavyas was chosen and each was presented in ballet format. kKavya The ballet was well supported by tasteful backdrop created by Surabhi Group. The dances were presented to a pre-recorded music score, composed by D.S.V. Sastry.

Sutradhars introduced the subject of each of the ballets. The first ballet was chosen from ‘Manucharitra’ Evaree Sundarangudu’ Vijay Paul as Pravarakhya, Jayalakshmi as Varudhini figured in this theme.

The next bit was chosen from Parijatapaharanam’. It narrates a small tiff between Satyabhama and Srikrishna. Nene Satya Roopini’ Ajay as Satyabhama, Srinivas as Srikrishna lived their roles.

A listless scene from Vasucharitra figured next. It narrated how king Vasu falls in love with Girika, daughter of Sooktimati at a mountain named Kolahalam. This was more in dialogue form. Girika’s role was impressively portrayed by Nadia.

The next sequence was chosen from Panduranga Mahatmyam which depicted the story of a prodigal Nigama Sarma from an orthodox family. Uma Devulapalli played Nigama Sarma’s elder sister impressively.

Krishnadevaraya’s Amukta Malyada’ figured next. This opened with a verse where Krishnadevaraya asserts that Telugu is the best language of all the languages in the country (Desabhashalandu Telugu Lessa’). The story is about the marriage of Godadevi with Panduranga. Ranganatha appears in a dream and asks the priest to perform Godadevi marriage with him. And the play ends with marriage festivities. Srinivas played the role of Ranganatha. Putrodayam’ written by Gadiyaram Sesha Phani Sarma was given a first prize with cash award of Rs.1,75,000, Chenchulakshmi Kalyanam’ written by Ramadugu Venkateswara Sarma that carried Rs. 75,000cash award and Narmada Purukutseeyamu’ penned by Chintapalli Nageswara Rao carrying cash award of Rs.30,000. These awards were named after ‘Avva Venkata Apparao Saraswata Puraskaras.’ All these works were written adapting Prabhanda style of olden days recalling poets of Krishnadevaraya court. Some of the other writers who had submitted their Prabhanda entries were presented with cash awards of Rs.10,000each.

The evening opened with a function attended by some of the great poets in Telugu. The man behind the whole show was Avvas Venkata Rama Rao.