Pollachi Tamizh Isai Sangam inaugurated its 27th dance festival recently.

Pollachi Tamizhisai Sangam honoured Amutha Dhandapani from Coimbatore with the title, ‘Bharatha Kalai Sudar’ on the inaugural day of its 27 dance festival. This was followed by ‘Panchamurthy Nadanamum Patteeswararum,’ a dance ballet by her students. A dancer, choreographer and nattuvanar, Amutha has trained many students in the Pandanallur bani through her dance school ‘Bharathalayam.’

Krithika Jayakumar and Kallidaikurichi sisters – Shivani and Shreya – disciples of Mithun Shyam, L. Muruga Shankari, disciple of Parvathi Ravi Gantasala and the disciples of Chinnamanur A. Chithra enthralled the audience with their dance recitals on the following days.

Sasirekha Ram Mohan’s Kanagasabai School of Bharatanatyam presented ‘Thennadudaiya Sivane Potri’, a dance drama portraying the eight places where Lord Siva rose in his majesty to destroy Evil. Dr. S. Raghuraman, who was responsible for the concept and lyrics, explained the mythological significance of each of these temples in a lucid manner. The recorded music was of great quality.

Aesthetic choreography

Each of the eight places — Tirukkandiyur, Tirukkovilur, Tirukkurukkai, Thiruvirkudi, Tiruppariyalur, Tiruvatikai, Tirukkadavur and Vazhuvur — had a story to tell and some of them were quite new to most rasikas. Sasirekha’s aesthetic choreography had incorporated lively jatis and abhinayas. Some of the scenes, such as the dance of Andhaka and Siva as well as that of Rathi and Manmatha were pleasant. Sruthy Anand as Siva had a sumptuous role and she showcased her dancing skills to great effect. Niranchana essayed the roles of Andhagasuran, Salandran, Dhakshan and Yama powerfully. Vignesh Rammmohan played many characters including Brahma, Veerabadhra and the tiger.

His nimble footwork and vigorous movements impressed. They were ably supported by the other dancers. Sasirekha herself came on stage to give a conclusion to each of the episodes. It was evident through the show that she had trained her dancers well. Probably, one of them could have been given that chance!