Annie Johnson and Rangasri Revathy performed ‘Bhagavatajjukiyam.'

Annie Johnson and Rangasri Revathy enacted the tale of a Nayika and her Thozhi in ‘Bhagavatajjukiyam' Koodiyattam.

The duo, both disciples of veteran Koodiyattam artiste Margi Sathi, recently took to the stage at Vyloppilly Samskriti Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram, and acted out the ‘Udyanavarnam' episode.

Annie played the Nayika and Revathy that of the Thozhi. The performance started with the Rangapravesham.

The Nayika then begins to describe in detail the beauty of the garden; of how the summer has brought about the riot of blooms and how the honeybees flit happily from flower to flower.

The Thozhi describes the lotus-filled lake and enacts the dance of the Hamsam (swans) in the lake. The Nayika spots a peacock and enacts the graceful dance of the bird for her Thozhi.

For the final part of the performance, both Annie and Revathy enacted the scenes together. Meanwhile Kamadevan (the god of romance), is watching the proceedings with interest.

Now that it is summer, he decides to go and strike love into the hearts of youth.