Lakshmy K.S. showcased her abhinaya during her Bharatanatyam performance.

A captivating Bharatanatyam by Lakshmy K.S. attracted many raiskas to the Koothambalam of Vyloppilly Samskriti Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram. A corporate professional, it is Lakshmi's deep interest in dance that motivates her to find the time for intensive practice sessions with her guru V. Mydhili.

Showcasing skill

After paying obeisance to Pazhavangadi Ganapathy in a kriti set to raga Bahudari, Adi tala, Lakshmy continued with an Alarippu along with Thiruppugazh; the invocatory prayer to Lord Muruga, was set in raga Nattaikurinji and was a beautiful mélange with Misra Alarippu.

Lakshmy navigated the recital through a popular varnam set in raga Neelambari, a composition of violin maestro Lalagudi Jayaraman. Lakshmy portrayed the nayika's intense devotion and love for Lord Murugan; the nayika requests him to bestow her with blessings and protection.

She breezed into a Shivasthuti, ‘Aadum Chidambaram' set in raga Behag, a composition of Gopalakrishna Bhaaratiyaar. Her effort to depict the vigorous movements of the Cosmic dancer did justice to the choreography.

A javali, a popular composition of Subbarama Iyer in raga Sourashtram, Adi tala, came next. The item depicts the ‘khandita nayika's' conversation with her sakhi. The nayika is quite upset with the entry of the new woman in her Lord's life. Lakshmy exhibited her abhinaya skills and impressed the audience with her tactful handling of nayika's musings.

The penultimate piece of the recital was a Devi slokam set in ragamalika (Keeravani, Nattaikurinji, Parpati, Kamboji, and Sindubhairavi), a special choreography by her guru. The composition was tuned by Buvaneswari Madhusoodanan, the vocalist for the recital. Lakshmy wound up with a Thillana, a composition of Madurai Muraleedharan in raga Valachi, Adi tala.