In his performance Temps d'Arrêt, meaning ‘a pause', Nosibor portrays the need to take a break in the rapid pace of daily life.

The agility of the innate dancer, broad shoulders and swift movements — these mark the performance of Miguel Nosibor, a pioneer of the hip-hop dance movement in France.

Miguel has been dancing from the young age of 13. Through his career, he has managed to fuse various styles including variations of martial arts such as taekwondo.

In his performance Temps d'Arrêt, meaning ‘a pause', Miguel portrays the need to take a break from the rapid pace of daily life. The performance marks his representation of a ‘pause' he took from dance in 2008.

The show at Alliance Française de Bangalore recently began with an opening act by Attakkalari's Young Choreographers, directed by Denny Paul, comprising of classic fluid movements by four talented young dancers.

The frenzy

The ever smiling Miguel transforms into a serious personality on stage. His threefold performance began with an intriguing video of people scrambling through the busy streets of a city, passing fast-food joints and talking on their mobile phones.

A reverberating sound and a round lamp signalled his entrance.

Through his frenzied movements, he represented the need for the essential ‘pause' in life.

The audience was held to rapt attention by his gliding across the entire stage for a whole hour without a glitch.

The calm

The second part represented the ‘pause' itself, and was characterised by slow movements. It combined typical hip-hop movements like B'boying and strong footwork with modern ballet.

The last part of the performance was punctuated by the culmination of fast and slow dance moves.

On the genre of the dance he performs, Miguel says, “There are various colours, with some shades in between and my dance belongs to those shades. I don't want to categorise it.”