Dance Revolution saw kids having fun while shaking a leg

Sunday morning is the most-eagerly awaited time of the week. It is the time when one can meet up with friends, plan a family get-together or just relax by doing nothing. Keeping up with this mood was ‘Dance Revolution', a presentation by students of Steps, the dance studio at Ravindra Bharathi. The event saw a gathering of parents and grandparents all dressed up and waiting for the show to begin.

As the strobe lights flashed announcing the start of the programme, a group of seven including Prithvi Raj (director of Steps), in an all-black ensemble swayed to contemporary jazz. The mood was perfect but did it please the elders in the audience? Not really as they wanted to see their bundles of joy dancing on the stage. “My heart goes sha la la by a group of eight kids brought the energy back. As the little ones twisted and turned, the song promised more excitement ahead. One interesting aspect of the event was that numbers presented by kids were interspersed with those songs performed by instructors of Steps.

Chetana Agarwal, who came with her family was pleased to the core seeing a hip-hop and jazz ballet. Hip-hop is not her favourite dance style, but it was her son Devansh. A's boogie-woogie skills which made her smile and smile some more. As the numbers continued, kids of different age groups showed their dancing skills. The cheers followed and when the host for the show Neeti announced the kids are amateurs and have been learning dance only for a few weeks, the applause doubled up.

Everybody Rock your body by Backstreet Boys, Candy Man by Aqua, Mambo No. 5, You'll Find a Way by Santi Gold were some of the vibrant numbers which had a unique energy. A tribute to Michael Jackson was also presented by a group of sprightly dancers.

In the end, it did not matter if the kids (one was just three years old!) got their steps right. Dancing is about losing inhibitions and sashaying on the dance floor for the fun of it. The kids enjoyed every bit of the programme so did the audience.