A host of budding artistes presented an impressive string of dance numbers in a two-day event of Kuchipudi dance under the aegis of Kuchipudi Natya Academy at Kalabharati, Visakhapatnam. In an array of numbers ranging from devotional fervour to pangs of separation in the gamut of human emotions in its content, the promising talents displayed remarkable exuberance both in footwork and expression.

In way, it was reflective of the good training they received at the academy. What stood out was their sincere effort in exposition of subtle nuances of the piece. It bore out the fact that good performances need not necessarily be spectacular.

With their artistic enthusiasm at its best in positive vibes, each in the team essayed well in presentation of given piece. Technical craft apart, their elegant stage presence itself ensured good response. That simple is beautiful sums up its appeal in Spartan shades of dance form.

It began with the customary obeisance to Ganesha and went on to present diverse numbers. In Marakata manimaya chela of Uttukad Venka Subbayya, different aspect of Lord Krishna’s divine attributes found good expression. In an elaborate treatment, it sought to highlight the lyrical nuances of the number in gestural vocabulary well.

The gait and grace of Rukmini in its ‘prevesa daruvu’ stood neatly executed. The artiste essayed well to capture each of the subtle shades of expressional nuances like blushing, warmth, soft shades of heart and mind etc of Rukmini in sync with relevant footwork. Ananda taandava maade Sivudu was another number that impressed the viewers. The cosmic charm of Lord Siva’s dance in ecstasy that pervades the universe with positive vibes. The grace and grandeur of mount Kailash, splendid with all the celestial figures in full attendance enjoying it … all came alive in appealing footwork and expression. Manduka sabdam, Srikrishna janana sabdam and other numbers delighted.

On this occasion, the academy honoured noted exponent of Kuchipudi dance Pasumarthi Seetharamaiah with an award and warmly felicitated him.