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Vidya Saranyan

The Valli charm

The dancer chose to depict Nature in all its glory, and as always, was a delight to watch. »

Mood and movement in sync

Priyadarsini sparkled in both the nritta and abhinaya aspects. The rotund Ganesha, the awe inspiring dance of Siva, the rueful lass and the »

Lively all the way

It was high voltage natyam that Srekala Bharat presented. »

Focus on bhakti

Uma Ramesh depicted bhakti, pain and humour, all in one in her ‘Thevaram Moovar’ recital. »

Brimming with vitality

Whether presenting the extended key piece Ashta ragamaalika or the much shorter but no less appealing Sabdam, Urmila Satyanarayana’s dance f »

Dance of mysticism

Narthaki chose poems involving yogic beliefs, life-values as well as the woman poet’s wait for the beloved. »

Moods of Andal

Jubilant, fretful, lamenting… Anita and Pritha depicted them all. »

Her style of soul-searching

Philosophy and high ideals were the focus of ‘The Spark Within,’ a dance recital by Lata Krishnaswamy at Bharat Kalachar. Lata, a disc...»

Eloquent gestures

Abhinaya was the cynosure of eyes, with Kalanidhi Narayanan and two of her disciples in action. »

Myth meets movement seamlessly

‘Poornathrayee' reaffirmed of the genius of the Dhananjayans as choreographers and dancers »

Energetic with tranquil moments

The vision behind ‘MeiDhwani - Echoes of the Body' came through in expressive, feisty and synchronised moves. »

Khamas steals the show

The Thanjavur Quartet’s famous work gave Amrita ample scope for picturesque depictions. »

When bhakti prevailed

Spiritually elevating moments were aplenty in Vidya's recital. »

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