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Rupa Srikanth

Krishna's myriad faces

Bala Devi displayed a good sense of timing, grace and sensitive emoting range, though her nritta was not too strong »

From lover to mother

Urvashi’s declaration of her attraction to Arjuna and the description of her passion-filled dream were the starting points of the narration »

Impeccable coordination is their strength

The Radha-Krishna segment from Gita Govindam by Gayatri and Balagurunathan underlined the dancer’s maturity and sensitivity. »

She had her moments…

Lavanya's abhinaya is more intense with the Kalanidhi-style of dramatisation making an impact. Her movement vocabulary has however hit an im »

A twin treat

Ayona Bhaduri was slow yet lively and graceful in her responses and her presentation of ‘Katha Soorpanaka’ was laudable. »

Out-of-the-box approach

One of the distinct features of Indian civilisation is the openness to debate. Original thinkers have always been held in high regard and...»

Intelligently executed

Shobanaa Bhalchandra seamlessly integrated anecdotes relating to the Nayanmars into a cohesive whole in ‘Moovar Thevaram. »

Of a good standard

The coordination between the dancers was laudable but a sense of similarity had set in because most items were group choreographies. »

Experiments with emotions

Attakalari Centre for Movements Arts, Bangalore, is on a mission to mentor and encourage emerging contemporary dance choreography through...»

Riveting poses on pots

Recital ‘Deepa Tarangini' presented 10 young and agile dancers, whose acrobatic feats mesmerised the audience. »

Tapestry of emotions

‘This bright-faced dancer is no beginner,' is the first thought that came to mind while watching Ritwika Ghosh's Bharatanatyam performan...»

Madhuram Madhavam - a treat for the connoisseur

It might be early days yet, but Meenakshi Srinivasan’s Bharatanatyam recital will go down as one of the ‘picks’ of the season. Welcome t...»

Symphony with machine

At the Indo-French Contemporary Dance Festival, Dominique Boivin's DanSe Dialogues presented an unusual pas de deux. »

All simplicity and sophistication

The 78-minute film on Alarmel Vallli offered snippets of her repertoire and her reflections on life and art. »

Putting Bharatanatyam in perspective

Google Sankalp Meshram and you will find only his Bollywood credentials. Dig deeper and you discover that Sankalp is an award-winning...»

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Vyshnavie Sainath being felicitated.

Making minds strong

Multi-tasking is the need of the hour, said dancer Vyshnavie Sainath, addressing students of Vanita Mahavidyalaya.Lakshmi Ramakrishna »