The compositions of Papanasam Sivan were presented in the Vazhuvoor style by the students of Vazhuvoor Natyamaragam.

Sreecharan Academy of Fine Arts, adhering to the Vazhuvoor Natyamargam under Guru Jayanthi Ramachandra, featured Rasanubhava 2013 – a presentation of Papanasam Sivan’s collections in traditional margam format, at Mani High School, Coimbatore, this past week.

The programme commenced with Mallari in Gambhiranattai followed by jatiswaram (Gajavadana) and Sabdam exhibiting the artists’ – Kirti, Sanjaya, Dharsha and Amritha - sense of precision, indicative of their athleticism in executing intricate jatis, besides expressive abhinaya. The sanchari bhavas of the love-stricken maiden were artistically presented in the varnam ‘Karunai Seidhida’ by the disciples.

Portrayed with dignity

Be it the depiction of Lord Nataraja, Muruga or Devi, the portrayal of the deities had dignity and stature. The Vazhuvoor style was discernible in the dancers’ rounded adavus. The netrabhinaya of the young students and their fidelity to the talam showcased their artistry.

The orchestra included Bhavani Kishore (vocal), Sivaramakrishnan (violin), Sreekanth (mridangam) and Jayanthi Ramakrishna (nattuvangam and choreography). Rukmani Ramani was honoured on the occasion.