A performance focussing on female characters.

Asmita Resource Centre for Women presented a ballet titled Peace on Earth , presented at Ravindra Bharati last week.

Written and directed by noted women's rights' activist Vasanth Kannabiran, the ballet had the support of wonderful theme music, mentored by mridangam maestro Kaaraikkudi Mani and scored by flautist B.V. Balasai. Choreographic work was done by Bharatanatyam exponent Rajeswari Sainath. The ballet was a celebration of the spirituality of women from four religions. This Bharatanatyam ballet was interspersed with music and dance of diverse cultures of different periods. The medium of expression, English, was narrated by Usha, Kritika and Krishnakumar. Esther from the Old Testament, Mary of Magdala from the New Testament, Rabia the Sufi saint and Akkamahadevi from the Hindu path of Bhakti movement are the characters ranging over a period of 16 centuries starting from 5th century BC who strove to end blood shed and anger and to bring communities together.

Rajeswari Sainath was the central figure of the ballet in the role of an angel connecting these themes, appearing at the break of each saintly character and the entry of another. She was like a traditional ‘Sutradharini'.

The Bharatanatyam choreography for Akkamahadevi episode was captivating. The pre-recorded music was brilliant and created magical spell on the audience.

Vaishnavi (Rajeswari's daughter) as Esther was the star attraction. Mashantha as Mary of Magdala, Neinitha as Rabia, and Ashritha as Akkamahadevi too gave good performances. Niketa, Nivetha, Nandini, Keertana, Taruni, Sindhuja and Krittika all students of Rajeswari impressed in supporting roles.


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