Debutante Purva Kanda’s “Inheritance” is about the colour of childhood memories

An art exhibition was put up by artist Purva Kanda at Shridharani art gallery in the Capital’s Triveni Kala Sangam, recently.

Called “Inheritance”, Purva tried to show her artistic skill through a range of colours in her first solo exhibition. In one of her works we could see the beauty of colours and frame within frame. She painted four different objects on a single canvas. There was a scooter, a cycle, a traffic red light and a building. She said, “In this work I tried to show my childhood memories of scooter and cycle in the family and related them with modern buildings and traffic lights. The green scooter I painted was used by my father.”

Born and brought up in Delhi, she studied Fine Art at Apeejay Institute of Design. Her father is also an artist. She said, “I am inspired by my father and his works. My father has played a very important role in my life. And I have tried to show my own mind and approach towards art in my works.”

In her Delhi’s Metro painting we could see mundane things in very different ways. Floating chairs could be seen in this oil painting . Purva noted, “I painted those things in my work which people don’t give importance or normally ignore. I think of them as a part of our life. I see things through my own perspective and try to bring them before people through my works.”

People can easily connect with her works. The beauty of observation and thought can be seen in her works. She observed, “The most important aspect for an artist is to translate and execute ideas on the canvas .”