The latest collection on display at Iconart is a study in black and white

Titled, ‘Salt and Pepper' the latest collection of art work on display at Iconart Gallery has the theme of black and white running through all the works.

On entering the gallery you see a bicycle rickshaw that is painted in white and the seat covered in writing; in front of the rickshaw is placed a pair of black shoes. This is an installation by Pavan Kumar.

Shrikanth Kolhe plays with shadows and light, depth and perception in his canvases. S. Nataraj's watercolour has everyday people in acrobatic poses- from a man crouched and holding his briefcase over his head to another man who seems to be flying to his destination, bag in hand.

Shweta Pavan's collages are an amalgamation of materials such as printed cloth and twined thread. B. Karuna has experimented in woodcut, her work shows a large tube carved inside which is engraved a figure in a convoluted pose.

Catching the eye is an installation by Masuram Ravikant. Animal figures such as a lion, bear and elephant among others are painted in black and stuck on the blade end of white painted scissors. Srikant Dhunde's work is reminiscent of the Rorschach ink blot test – thick, bold strokes of black paint against a white canvas.

The monochromes in visual art showcase a variety of styles and techniques. The show features art works by 15 artists and is on till July 25 at Iconart Gallery, SBI building, road no.12, Banjara Hills.