Anuradha Nalapat's paintings are an explosion of talent and optimism

Spirals of colours and shades meet and merge. And in the large whirls of colour tiny, ant size people are carried along. The paintings seem to be a symbol of our troubled times. But, according to artist Anuradha Nalapat, these paintings signify positivity. She says that this is the right time to dip into our creative spaces and explore it. And that is just what Anuradha has done.

A display of her works, poetically titled ‘The Earth Dates the Sky' seeks to, as the artist puts it, ‘hang in there, grab a piece of the sky, a piece of joy, and remain.' Raw, structured works in charcoal and pencil share space with rich, vibrant oils on canvas. But the common element running through the works is the whorls.

Some works are almost simplistic in nature such as a flower pot against a cornucopia of textures in shades of blue and green. Whereas, other works are minimalistic, black and white spaces meet to show the middle ground where endless creativity is possible. The titles of the works are as poetic and creative as the paintings.

Anuradha says that for her painting is a tool by which she mows through society's beliefs. And in a period of strife when things can only get better, she says that people should look at the beautiful side of life, and unleash their creative side in whatever way possible.

‘Earth Dates the Sky' is on till February 24 at Kalakriti Art Gallery on Road No. 10, Banjara Hills.