Three friends are showing their works at Durbar Hall Art Gallery. Called Kaleidoscope, they are the water colours of N.S.Abdul Saleem and photos of Sudhi Anna and Ragesh Narayanan.

Some of the water colours of Abdul are from the photos of his friend, Sudhi Anna. That's what is new about the show. Sudhi's photographs are all of the pastoral kind, from the beautiful Karnataka region, with the banyan tree roots et al. Rural folks, sheep, feature in these photos which have captured the beauty of nature in all its splendour.

Abdul Saleem has won State awards for his cartoons and water colour works. His water colours are contemporary in subject with a high degree of realistic details. Ragesh Narayanan's photos feature the indoors in natural light flowing in, creating a montage of light and shade. This fashion photographer is currently working on a series on traditional arts of Kerala. Sudhi is also working on a series of photos on cultural festivals of several parts of the country. The show is on till May 7.

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