Understanding graphics is the key to Sajid Bin Amar's works

There is a delicateness about Sajid Bin Amar's work that is not so obvious if you are confronted with one of his woodcuts, etching or polymer moulds that are on display at the Shrishti Art Gallery. No. Instead, there is an element of robustness in the figures he has done. But step up close to his works or watch the artist's proof and you will realise the meticulousness that has gone into the work, where each element has been worked on to create the overall impression.

Sajid shows his proclivity towards graphics with elements of numbers and alphabet forming part of the canvas. They also show his earlier efforts where he dabbled in collages trying to make sense of the hurly burly of modern life. “I saw that life is racing around me and the best way to capture is to make a collage of readymade images that we have and stick them together for conveying that speed of life,” says Sajid.

“A similar effort went into the creation of these woodcuts and etchings where I have used printing techniques as well as cloth pieces for an effortless blend,” says Sajid who uses manual printing for his woodcuts.

Yes, at another level you can see his: “Look at my works, I am the master of all these techniques.” Sajid has used another new fangled technique called polymer mould where instead of the image being transferred from a woodcut to a canvas, the image is printed on a polymer sheer in a darkroom. Once he is done with the technique, the works show a drama of life with symbolism flitting in and out of the canvases.