Anurita Argal Acharya quit the software industry to give free reign to her creativity with Pink Jalebi

Anurita Argal Acharya worked in the software industry for four years before she decided to quit her job and join design school. Following her graduation from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore, in 2011, she started Pink Jalebi, which takes inspiration from a multitude of sources to create items for daily use.

Anurita says: “As a brand that takes inspiration from India’s strong cultural identity the products are a visual reflection of this identity. From laptop bags, and wallets to coasters, cushion covers and scarves, we make them all.”

Speaking about how her creative enterprise fell into place, Anurita says: “It was actually a combination of two factors. The first was a desire to start a business of my own. Second was the need for an outlet for my creativity. Pink Jalebi is a lot more focused and productive than just doodling and the mental exercise is great.”

She adds: “Joining design school amplified my drawing skills and I decided to see whether such a skill could be effectively used in an endeavour that was fun, rewarding and profitable. I started with a few cushion cover designs which snowballed into a full product range and before I knew it I was reaching across the seas to test the London market.”

Anurita owes the growing success of Pink Jalebi to a few others too. “My sister Devyani who worked as a corporate lawyer until 2008 pursued her Masters in PR and Marketing and joined forces with me soon after. My friend Reshma and Pink Jalebi’s manager, Deepak, have also been instrumental in taking the business places.”

Ask her what it is about her business that has brought her satisfaction, and Anurita responds: “The diversity of clientele that appreciate our designs and products is a big deal for us. I think that the pop-art sensibilities which personify most of the Pink Jalebi aesthetics have spread across genders, through age brackets and into tier-2 cities. The fact that people across cultures love our stuff is the most rewarding feeling.”

On the flipside, she finds “with a swing in the business cycles, times can get difficult. But one can’t see it as a con, only as a challenge.”

Looking ahead, “we would love to see Pink Jalebi spread geographically,” Anurita winds up.

Pink Jalebi products are available online and in retail outlets (through non-exclusive partnerships). They also participate in lifestyle exhibitions and flea markets across India and in London.

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