An active politician's artistic take on diverse subjects

Art and politics cohabit in the heart of Advocate M. M. Monayee, M.L.A. The 34 canvases on show at the Durbar Hall Art Centre under the aegis of Muses Creations proclaim his ardent love for art. “I keep aside at least one hour to paint on most days. This is my third solo show,” says the busy politician, who has had no formal training except for a short period in his schooldays when a master taught him the rudiments of art.

There is one oil painting, that of Christ and one tempera that of Baby Krishna, peacock feather et al. Most are in acrylic, the favourite of most artists today. There are water colours too, and ink drawings.

The man from Njarackal has a lot of nature's bounty on canvas, boats, flowers, birds and rural folks. And of course there's Gandhiji, in sober blues, greys and white. There is one in pencil, of a church and women in the old Syrian Christian attire, which brings back memories of old Kerala. Monaye has employed different styles, dabbled in different subjects and also used a variety of media. Chinese influences are seen in his paintings of birds and trees. The still life works and his memories of his childhood, probably, of boats, women who sell fish and the tranquil waters. His women are full bosomed and rural-centric.

Monaye seems partial to women in his works, much more than the 33.3 per cent they are bargaining for!

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