Santanu Nandan Dinda and Sunita Dinda paint the sights and scenes from rural India

Indianness' by Sunita and Santanu Nanda Dinda is all about the sights and scenes of rural India and from parts of Indian mythology. The bold selection of colours by the two artists is also a reflection of Indianness in a way. Mostly focused on women and children, the show which was on at Chitramayee Art Gallery also has a few frames on the Indian men.

Most of the paintings show the likes of women in their day to day activities. From painting the cheerful girl to a sulking woman by a well with a pot reflects the artists keen insight on the woman's thought and feelings.

Keeping the rusticity, in mind the artists have kept the style and look very pure with the women mostly clad in saris and ghagras. The works of the two artists also in a way glorify the many parts a woman play in our lives. Vendors selling everything from fish to flowers and birds have been given a very important place. The artists have also seen beauty in the afternoon nap which most women who work at home take. There is another work which shows a woman lazing on a charpoy in the open which is a very common summer feature in the rural areas.

To depict a mother's love, the artists have made use of Krishna and Yashoda. Krishna is seen in a playful mood while Yashoda is making an attempt to finish some household chores.