When it comes to photography, India has a way of making its muses available on the street, around the corner, in temples and in markets, in ancient palaces and ordinary homes. The top photographers of the world are constantly piqued and intrigued, and herein lies a wealth of opportunity for the promotion of art at its best.

In this milieu, Tasveer Arts professes a commitment to archive, document and publish works of photography and maintain an evolving digital archive of photographic images through its website and at its galleries. Its latest exhibition ‘37 Indian Still Lifes’ is curated by Anjum Katyal, poet, blues singer and writer focused on theatre and the visual arts. The exhibition, true to the Tasveer ideal of encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and promoting the exchange of ideas in photography, is a clear indicator of what results when photographers and exhibitions from around the world are brought together under one roof. It is a fine example of how themes and subjects prevalent in India contribute to a world-class showcase of still life. Says Anjum Katyal, “The power of the humble everyday object to transform… into a work of art… The creation of a mood, an atmosphere…. An uninteresting moment turned into an unforgettable one.”

As the the editor of Art and the City, a web magazine on the contemporary arts in India, and with her close professional involvement with specialist arts publisher Seagull Books, Anjum Katyal has worked with Tasveer to bring the likes of international still life specialists like Christopher Taylor, Edgar Angelone, François Daireaux, Karen Knorr, Tim Hall and Tom Parker and their best pieces of work to India. The photographs were taken in West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan and down south in Andhra Pradesh. Adil Hasan, Amit Mehra, Deepak John Matthew, Jyothi Bhatt, Mahesh Shantaram, Navroze Contractor, Prarthana Modi, Vinay Mahidhar and Vivek Vilasini are among those featured at Tasveer in what is evidently a superlative display of the finest in still life photography.

Bottomline: Creativity and innovation come together in these photos.

37 Indian Still Lifes

When: Till September 14

Where: Cinnamon, #11 Walton Road, Off Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Ph: 080 40535212