A new art venture that allows you to rent paintings

For the Indian art scene, the boom time may be a thing of the past but it is vibrant enough to allow exciting experiments to take place. Ardizen is an enterprising initiative, not completely new but definitely out-of-the-box. A young individual, a new company or somebody who is interested but not clued into the scene, can rent paintings from Ardizen. And the venture which is taking its baby steps, claims to be doing so at really low prices for the idea is to make art accessible. The gap between the gradual interest in art and design and hefty price tags of art works is what this commercial venture seeks to tap into. Though they also sell these pieces, the emphasis is on renting them out.

Sourcing paintings from art collectors, it focuses on young companies which are inclined towards art but don't know the route to take. “The corporates and the private individuals are also people who are starting out their journey in art. They don’t know much so they are initially testing the waters. Also you can take these paintings on rent at reasonable prices whereas if you buy them, you have to shell out more money at one go,” says Shravani Patti, Co-founder, Ardizen. The rentals start from Rs.3000 per month and go up to 20,000 per month.

“We have about 300 artists in our kitty. The clients can choose from that or we also make recommendations. There is an artist who is highlight of the month. If it is an expensive work, we arrange for people to go and install it otherwise they can get it done themselves.”

Shravani says, the concept is such that their clients get to see different kind of art within a short span of time. “As mentioned in the year-long contract that we sign with the client, the art work rotates every four months allowing the monotony to be broken.”

As of now Ardizen has 10 clients all over the country that include construction companies, financial firms, consultancy firms and hospitality ventures. “They typically ask for semi-abstract works,” adds Shravani. Currently Ardizen has about 30 artists and works in various media like oils, watercolour and mixed media. “Acrylic on canvas is most in demand,” informs Shravani.

Though there is a focus on young talent like Ajay Sharma, Bhuval Prasad (which are most popular with their clients), the collection does have seniors like Kavita Nayar, Ashok Bhowmick, Dutta Bansode, S.V. Rama Rao and even one M.F. Husain and F.N. Souza.

Safety and security of art is a perennially significant aspect but in such a platform it assumes even more significance because the pieces are only rented out and not sold. “Firstly the works are insured against fire and theft. The agreement has a clause which states that damage of any other kind will have to be paid for by the client. Further we also do background checks on the companies and the individuals before we seal the deal.”