Artist Nawal Kishore talks about his paintings recreating life

The solo exhibition of Nawal Kishore hosted at Gallery Pioneer, Hauz Khas Village, depicts the body and soul as a series. The first thing that grabs attention is the use of mixed media and a mask covering the face on every painting.

Water series and Revolution series have been his earlier works. The current body of work, he hopes, will be a spiritual experience for the viewers. Kishore says his aim is to rekindle the basic truth of life and connect to one’s soul and the divine, represented by the use of mask on canvas.

The woman is the recurring subject in his work. When asked about what inspired him to choose women, he replies, “I have been observing women and their contribution to the world on a broader scale. Women have different roles to act at same time. They are the one who accomplish eminence in the human history. And my paintings show gratitude towards women. My future works too will evince the woman motif,” he added.

Colour plays a critical role in every painting. Nawal chooses to work subtly with red, yellow, orange, silver and golden as these colours resemble sun and moon, his only visible gods. And colour is the vehicle through which he expresses universal understanding of human nature. Nawal sees awards as an emboldening aspect and says receiving an award is an honour but one should not devote art entirely to his yearning for an award.