Sachin Jaltare's paintings are subdued and appealing.

From afar you see splashes of muted colours in shades of browns, blues and greys used to create abstracts on canvas. However, on closer inspection of the paintings figures and outlines take shape. Bold brush strokes and sure use of colour characterise Sachin Jaltare's latest collection on paintings on exhibit.

The side profile of a woman is depicted in shades of grey. Her eyes are lowered and the red bindi on her forehead the only bright spot of colour on the canvas. The block of stark white that forms the background brings the figure of the woman into focus.

Yellows and beiges form the basis of another painting. On one side of the canvas a face of a woman stares out, she is portrayed in shades of grey, her coral pouting lips the only point of colour. On the other side of the canvas a figure of a man is depicted in such a manner that he seems to be entering the painting, one of his hands is picked out in white and elongated and enlarged when compared to the rest of his frame.

Against a coral background, a pair of figures painted in shades of grey and black is seen. On canvas the action in the interaction between the figures is caught skilfully.

Subdued shades, deft brush strokes and the semi-abstractness of the paintings make for a visual treat. The exhibition is on till December 22 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Shrishti Art Gallery, plot no. 267, road no. 15, Jubilee Hills. For more details contact 2354 0023.

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