Priyanka Nijhawan sees the world around her and recreates it in her paintings

An art exhibition was put up by young artist Priyanka Nijhawan at Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre in the city. This four day long exhibition was also curated by Priyanka. Her works are inspired by normal life. Priyanka says, “I observe things with an open mind and try to express these on my canvas artistically. Thinking process is very important for me while painting a work. I can make a painting in ten minutes. But I love the evolving process which plays an important role in my painting.”

The beauty of colour is reflected in her painting of birds. She says, “I want to say a story with birds in this painting. Feelings of freedom, pride, loneliness and friendship can be seen in this work.” About her work on trees, she says, “I have painted a tree which gives a very soothing feeling to eyes. I have been seeing and observing the beauty and greenery of Delhi. I enjoy the beauty of Delhi. Painting allows me to create it with my feelings.”

Priyanka was born and brought up in Delhi, and went to Delhi College of Art to learn the nuances of art. “Approach and understanding of medium is very important for an artist. Painting gives me opportunity to express my feeling and creativity. Painting is like lyrics and poetry for me. I am influenced by poetry and Hindi songs.”

Priyanka has participated in more than fifteen group shows so far. Her newly opened art house “Maharaja Arts” gives exposure and opportunity to young and budding artists to showcase their works. Fifteen artists also displayed their paintings in this exhibition. Priyanka says, “Under Maharaja Arts I also want to promote new and young artists to come with me and showcase their works.” The last four-five years were very important for Priyanka. These years gave her time to get involved in her art with maturity. “Experience teaches many things. And with time I learned and enhanced my knowledge and understanding of art and aesthetics,” she concludes.