Artist B. Kumaraswamy celebrates the harmony between nature and humans

There’s a quality to his paintings that is hard to describe. His soft brush strokes and smart use of colours lend an aura of mystery to the canvas, even as one soaks in the joy his subjects express.

‘Rejoicing Nature’, an exhibition of paintings by B. Kumaraswamy, at Alankritha Art Gallery, is a collection of works done over a period of one year depicting women in perfect harmony with nature.

In his signature style Kumaraswamy’s works revolve around the female form and nature to depict beauty and fertility. The artist had stated earlier that his fascination for the two themes stems from the fact that women have been metaphically associated with nature. This is also why most of his works depict both in harmony.

The theme is evident in every art work on display, with each painting showing innocent women in rapture and awe at the beauty of nature. Kumaraswamy uses generous amounts of reds, blues, greens, yellows and browns to bring his paintings alive. The artist also y uses forms of nature like flowers, leaves, butterflies and others , even as the women in his works seem to be mesmerised by the beauty of it all.

There is also a touch of mystery in his works as the women on the canvas have their eyes closed and there is a light smile playing on their lips. The female forms seem to be completely in sync with nature’s rhythm which Kumaraswamy effectively captures. His use of colours and brush strokes accentuate that feeling of fantasy that seems to be a constant in all his art works.

Kumaraswamy effectively captures that unspoken bond between humans and nature and manages to show how humans are also an integral part of nature.

The exhibition is on till July 26 at Alankritha Art Gallery between 11a.m. and 7 p.m.