Artist Robert Lopez delves into the non figurative

For lovers of abstract art, Robert Lopez's solo show, ‘Unknown Terrains' on at Eka Art Gallery, Fort Kochi, is a veritable treat. Lopez, a self-taught artist has been painting since 1985, a self-imposed dedication that gives him the drive to delve deeper into the field. Beginning with portraits and landscape, Lopez has moved into this non-figurative field quite unconsciously and says that it is deep, wide and huge and for some reasons remains unexplored by artists from Kerala. His own aesthetic journey towards the abstract, has been parallel to a rising fascination in him for the gamut of sounds. Rhythm, rhyme, beat, the ebb and flow of music are all interpreted and find expression in acrylic multi hues on Lopez's canvas. Nature is another facet that has the artist by his heart. This too comes out in colourful abstract concepts with colour playing a leading role. Bright hues, geometric shapes, loose forms and fluidity combine in dramatic forms and tell the tales. Lopez leaves it to the viewers to enjoy the ensuing symphony, with most works being untitled.

The ones that are titled like ‘Valley Of Strange Growth', in heart warming orange shades, and a diptych- ‘Terrain of Untitled Forms' and ‘Terrain Of Strange Permutations', have an idiom that may remain inexplicable to many but to the lovers of this form, the works are indeed charming.

Three small sketches in charcoal, one titled ‘The Fly' is particularly interesting, laced with a wee bit of humour, the fly's big eyes bulging in shades of grey, black and white.

‘Migration' in watercolour deals with the ubiquitous displacement and the related woes. Two large works, ‘Dreamscapes' and ‘Unknown Terrain I', both in mixed medium on black card, are filled with tiny expressions and probably the most expensive works on display at the show. A smaller work continuing with the same story is called ‘Unfound Nature'.

Robert Lopez lives and works in Thiruvananthapuram and the show is on till March 29.


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