This precocious youngster with an eye for detail has elicited wonder from seasoned artists

She is all of 17-years and yet a look at her works of art betrays a sense of maturity. The artworks, oil and acrylic paintings, will surely stun those who don't have the insight to appreciate art and surprise connoisseurs too. And, to top it all, till now, she has not received any formal training from any college of fine arts.

“I have just completed the first two days of my first year Fine Arts class at JNTU College of Fine Arts,” says B. Lalita, whose collection of paintings titled ‘Flirting with Nature' will be exhibited at State Art Gallery, Madhapur from October 10.

A reflection of her precocious talent is the fact that she is the first rank holder in Fine Arts and Design Entrance Test 2010, conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University. She had applied and got offers to pursue Fine Arts in Wimbledon, Camberwell, Lancestor and Kent Universities in United Kingdom. She even managed to get a scholarship of Rs. 25 lakh from San Francisco Art Institute, United States and Chennai Fine Arts University. “A few months back my elder brother passed away. It's difficult for me to leave my parents and pursue education in other countries. In fact it was my brother who came up with the title for the exhibition,” she says.

The youngster doesn't hesitate to accept that it was her mentor professor Stanley Suresh, a professor from JNTU Fine Arts for guiding her. “From the age of 7 he has been my Guru. He taught me the intricacies and techniques involved in using different media,” she says.

The youngster's hard work has made her mentor to acknowledge her talent. “In my two decades of teaching, I have never come across a youngster with so much talent and commitment for art. She is very different and I hope everybody likes her work,” Mr. Stanley said.

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