Gopi Mangalath, the Kochi-based artist-writer who walked into the Limca Book of Records for his unique feat of bringing out miniature books, has surfaced again and this time round, it’s a solo exhibition of paintings. Unlike his earlier shows, in this one, the artist takes a peep into relevant contemporary and socio-political issues.

If the earlier works of Gopi Managalath such as the tree and first night series appealed to the viewer due to its sheer aesthetics, sensuousness and dexterity over the medium, the latest works are evocative and are turning out to be the visual vocabulary of an artist’s anguish and despair. “This is the first time that I have attempted to use my paintings as social commentaries”, says the artist.

The thematically strong works are in water colour while most other paintings on display have come up in acrylic and ink. Through them, he attempts to piece together themes like the remote-controlled life of a Malayali, the role of the media and also of the much debated ASEAN deal. “Through the larger-than-life big sized pocket amidst newly germinated tender leafs in a glass funnel, I am trying to depict that even the agro-sector is not spared in an economy that has primarily become market-driven”, explains the artist. The exhibition comprising 40 works is on at Green Orange Gallery at Kaloor and will conclude on October 31.