The Indian Cartoon Gallery has on display caricatures — predominantly of politicians — sketched by cartoonist Gujjar

They say an image speaks a thousand words. Allow me to modify that a bit. Caricatures say much more. The exaggerated facial features of important personalities tell a story that all of us are familiar with.

Moreover, only cartoonists can depict the wicked side of humour without being offensive. B.G. Gujjarappa is one such cartoonist. His works are presently on display at the Indian Cartoon Gallery.

Gujjar's caricatures are a combination of ink and paper, as well as caricatures drawn on the computer. He has sketched politicians and other distinguished personalities.

His style is bold and in-your-face. His political preference is evident from his sketches. There's a portrait of a smiling President Pratibha Patil with the shadow of the Congress symbol behind her. There's Rahul Gandhi sketched like a toddler.

Predictably, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi find their way into the collection too.

Osama Bin Laden with terrorists strung on his long beard; a defeated Anna Hazare, with stooping shoulders, holds a sword on which is written “anti-corruption”; a contemplative Shah Rukh Khan — very different from his usual exuberant self — are some of the other works on display.

Although the works are well crafted and you would admire the skill of the cartoonist, the exhibition fails to evoke awe. We've seen several such exhibits before; showcasing something different adds to an exhibition.

Gujjar quit his career as lecturer of history to become a cartoonist. He worked for many years with Lankesh Patrike as a cartoonist. Ever since, he has entertained readers with his caricatures, political cartoons and illustrations.

The exhibition is on till May 14, except Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Indian Cartoon Gallery, 1, Midford House, off M.G. Road. Call 41758540.