An art show by four female artists.

The works on display are varied and created using different techniques. But what ties them all together is that they were created by women. Their inspirations, emotions, and all that they hold personal takes tangible shape in the art they create. Be it in the form of a ceramic vase or an abstract painting.

Titled ‘4 by 4' the exhibition showcases works by Nirmala Sharma, Simran Sandhu, Veena Jain and Veena Singh. The ceramic are Nirmala Sharma's creations and the most interesting of her works are those made out of coils of clay. They are woven into patterns creating vases and bowls. A strong as the pieces are the use of coiled pieces of clay gives them a fragile, delicate appearance.

A couple of vases are personalised by the artist as she decorates the surface with words of poetry that were penned by her husband.

Though Veena Jain's collection is titled ‘Essence of Mundane Life' the abstract works are anything but dull. In sharp contrast Simran Sandhu's works show very western sensibilities. Minimalist and using only white colour her reliefs' beg for a closer look. Using soft board and ball bearings she creates projections on flat surfaces of white. Ethereal and ghostly would best describe Veena Singh's creations; her ‘Breathlessness' series is created by the process of heat application on paper. Smoke seems to billow against the white canvas. Translucent and wispy streams of black colour float creating an airy effect.

The exhibition of paintings, prints and ceramicss is on at Daira Centre for Art and Culture, 100 A Banjara Petals, road no.5 Banjara Hills. It is on till February 15 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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