We Love Colours brings together three Slovenian artists with distinct styles

As I stroll into Art Houz, a standing man catches my eye. Holding a telescope, he is dapper in a black suit with a matching top hat, making him almost life-like. Next to him, a breath-taking view of a snow-capped mountain, reaching towards the sky as if to take flight, leaves me stunned.

Modern flair mixed with uncanny reality — that’s what the exhibition offers. The show We Love Colours showcases aesthetically pleasing works of three Slovenian artists. The entrance to the gallery hosts the work of Miranda Rumina, a painter and sculptor with, it seems, a Midas touch.

With exquisite glass work that is reminiscent of some of the most delicate pieces of Murano, Italy, and genuine representations of famous figures captured in bronze, the first few pieces are most impressive.

There’s more — vibrant paintings with intricate embroidery work, and, quirkiest of all, collages based on celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Keeping more with the times is the work of Matej Umkar, graphic artist. Preferring to use digital print on canvas, his intelligent melange of modern technology with basic knowledge of colours and patterns makes for an offbeat and fun exhibit, lightening the room and the atmosphere.

Using only Photoshop and other computer software programs, he gives you a glimpse of the future — enough to make you want more.

Inspired by music

Rounding off the exhibition is the work of Dalaj Eegol, a specialist in figurative abstract art. Focussing on capturing Slovenian culture and everyday customs and activities, Dalaj is inspired by music and his surrounding environment. Using shocking pinks and neon greens, he paints stiff and static figures that tell their own story.

Each painting is different from the next, and eye-catching in its own way.

(The exhibition is on till July 21st at Art Houz, Poes Garden, Alwarpet)