Young artist Angelica Paul held her first art exhibition-cum-sale in the city recently

Art is free, art is wild, art is the blowing cool breeze; art is the artist’s dream. Defining and exploring her premise of art, Angelica Paul, alumnus of the National Institute of Advertising, held her first art exhibition-cum-sale in New Delhi recently. Taking her inspiration from nature, Angelica’s oil paintings, in her own words, “were not too inclined towards modern art”.

Based on the theme, “Beautiful, Wild and Strong”, her oil paintings express the beauty of nature in elaborate shades and subdued colours.

Angelica attempts to incorporate the technicalities of artistic finesse and the ability to inspire awe.

An amalgamation of hues and wisps, her paintings revolve around the themes of nature and animals. She focuses on detailed illustrations in the paintings she has exhibited.

Yearning to explore the realm of surprise, she believes that the colour scheme she adopted would be instrumental in capturing the interest of art buffs and the common man alike.

Professor Rajeev Lochan, Director, National Gallery of Modern Art, who was present at the event, showered appreciation on the young artist’s work.

Angelica’s father, James Paul, when questioned about his daughter’s decision to take up art as a career, reminisced his passion for art.

“I have always been interested in artistic endeavours. Even though I have always worked in the corporate world, I still had a knack for aesthetics. So when my daughter decided to explore this profession, I appreciated and supported her decision,” he said.

Angelica was pleased by the response she received. “Since it was a one day exhibition, I have sold three paintings today, but, I am hopeful of more sales in the coming days through my website,” she said. The paintings are priced in a range from Rs. 8,000 to 23,000.

Talking about her next project, she mused, “I would hold one where I would showcase water colour paintings of TV actors and actresses around October.”