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DIFFERENT STROKES One of the paintings on display  


The works reflected creativity

A work of art has to grow on you. Stand in front of a good piece of art and it begins to speak to you. At least, that's the idea with which artists approach their work. But what happens when dozens of artists show their works together? Each of the work might be brilliant but you don't get time to appreciate it. This is the reaction as you take in the creations of artists who are not yet out of their college. Called ‘The Emerging Palette', the show at Shrishti Art Gallery shows what the future holds for Indian art world. Right at the entrance is a realistic fibre art sculpture by Manjunath K.P. that shows a short, bare torso man with a tie and a bandana. The sculpture gives a new meaning to the ‘losing a shirt' idiom as the man has the wispiest of smiles on his face. Another attempt at playful use of images and stories is the oil on canvas by Shreekanth B. One of the paintings shows a bovine eating off the ground and instead of dropping cow dung, it releases gases like a steam engine from its rear, encompassing within itself, it has a factory with tubes and valves. All the artists who are pursuing their final year MFA display an urbane sensibility with their thoughts reaching out to all the continents. Swati K. has nine square blocks with scattered continents and ants crawling all over them.

The painting raises a question with its title ‘Just Ant..?' Another painting raises a question with its untitled label as it shows three women in burqa standing in front of a Gauguinisque nude. Sridhar A. has a different take of Michelangelo's David with a computer motherboard popping out from the lower part of the torso.

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