Works by 3 artists will ensure that you have an artful weekend

Rich earthy tones, bright splashes of colour and a strong representation of Goan architecture and Old Indian architectures is what you will be treated to in the paintings by Sanjiv Sankpal, Dhananjay Sastakar and Nitin Nangare on display at Beyond Coffee.

Brought to the city by Nouveauart that specialises in promoting new art; freshness and bright colours at the exhibit are bound to capture your mind's eye.

Sanjiv Sankpal's works encapsulate the idea of Krishna and Radha and rural landscapes and life. At a close distance, the canvas looks like a big splash of vibrant colour contrasted against earthy tones. The figures of men and women in his paintings are intense and have a devout sense of belongingness with the other elements on the canvas. Centering on human relations, Sanjiv's works reflect the rural sensuality with ease, where we see women painting in bright colours, mostly faceless but witch a child clinging on them in flowing garments. From afar, the paintings make much more sense as the figures stand out — aesthetics, graceful and pleasing. Sanjiv Sankpal, coming from the rural part of Maharashtra has done his best to bring out the beauty of rural India.

Nitin Nangare's work is characterised by elongated feminine figures, often with a child held on the hip or carrying goods on their heads. The garments are flowing and balloon-like, typical white bangles till the elbow suggest gypsy-attire. The women in Nitin's works are at ease and relaxed as he has captured the true essence of rural landscape — women chatting and sharing the stories of the day and all this is amplified with the simplistic strokes by Nitin. Mud pots offer a steady presence in almost all of Nitin's collection, symbolising the way of life.

Straying away from rural landscapes, Dhananjay Chandrakant Sastakar's works offer architectural respite. Dhananjay's works a fusion of cultures. With windows, doors and shops, his works bring out ethnic flavours and brings value to heritage. His works showcasing the Goan architecture are detailed and have a sense of lingering history.