Of works by a group of artists covers everything from depictions of gods to wildlife and Nature

Ascending the staircase leading up to Achalam Art Gallery itself is quite an experience. The walls, lined with colourful pastels and water colours catch my attention, the hues of a magnificent painting of Nataraja takes my breath away. The interior is no different. Each painting, showcasing the talent of a different artist, is even more awe-inspiring than the next. As I slowly take in the artwork around me, I can’t help but be impressed by the variety. From gorgeous depictions of different deities, each beautifully adorned, to unbelievably realistic portrayals of wildlife, the art show is a joy to view. Presented in a well-lit room on pristine white walls, the paintings come to life.

A peek at one of the smaller viewing rooms brings a surprise. Resting on a small table in the centre of the room are a few carefully crafted sculptures, each with its own flavour. The large eyes of a small Vinayaka peer up at me, as if trying to engage me in a secret conversation. An acrylic painting of a peacock, feathers fanned out royally, occupies the whole wall. Across the hallway are paintings of meadows filled with lush green grass, flowers in full bloom… each has put a new spin on a familiar place. As I leave, the unique piece in the doorway grabs my attention: Krishna in a steel grey, his flute teetering slightly. I know I will be back.

(The group exhibition will continues until July 5th at Achalam Art Gallery, located across Spice Garden restaurant in K.K. Nagar. For detailsmore information, visit www.achalamartgallery.com)