Art allows the exploration of abstraction through various media. In such an undertaking, the challenge facing an artist is defining the formless or infinite for any viewer. This balance between giving solidity to an abstract piece and maintaining the elements of intangibility in a painting, for example, can result in some vivid surprises or understated expressions of the obvious. While abstraction is common in modern-day art, it takes years of experience and discoveries along the way to bring the artist to a place where he is constantly inspired by the amorphous elements of life. The reactions to subjects like spirituality to unexplained events or facts to everyday emotions in art are always relative and yet a talented, sensitive and intuitive artist can speak to any and all of his viewers through the abstract.

Hyderabad-based Sachin Jaltare’s exhibition of mixed media work will be on display at Kynkyny Art in Bangalore. The show Tales of Infinity marries concepts like duality and oneness and joins the abstract with the figurative. The premise running through most of the work is the natural and everyday merging of the divine and the mortal. Sachin Jaltare has consciously given his latest body of work a different treatment. He says, “The deeper I go into my art, the more I am inclined towards abstraction. Here, I have attempted to depict the dance of form and formlessness.”

Jaltare’s solo show is a skilful, fluid presentation of contrasting themes being yoked together. Evocative and sporting muted colours along with the use of strong brushstrokes, the narrative he weaves is authentically Indian and yet contemporary in style.

Jalatare features his favourite heroes and heroines in all their ethereal glory and depicts them as fragments or silhouettes of beautiful men and women in mystical, nocturnal landscapes engaged in a performance – a duet of lowered eyelids, trailing fingers and fervent embraces. Jaltare uses a mix of charcoal and bolder dark or cold colours juxtaposed with vibrant burning hues. The detail produced through flecks of symbols from the natural world as well as Hindu mythology creates a layered dimension to these works.

Tales of Infinity

When: Till January 11, 2013

Where: Kynkyny Art, 148 Infantry Road, Bangalore

Bottomline: The intersection of the human and the mystical.

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