Artist Anuradha Nalapat draws attention to the importance of intuitive intelligence in her latest exhibition

Everybody may have a violent, corrupt side that seems to take up all the news space today, but it’s time we put our attention where it should be, feels artist Anuradha Nalapat.

“Let us not talk about our problems all the time. Can we recognise instead that we all have an intuition that guides us to the right place?” she asks. This intuition, or heart space, according to her, is the space which actually makes one an individual. It is what guides us through the apparent “coincidences”. “It’s what makes one a doctor and another, an artist. It is our dharma, our calling. It is the only way to grow. It’s not about emotions, but about awareness, inclusion, and intelligence. All other ways will bring us right back here. And at the heart of it all, I see unifying patterns weaving the earth and the sky and its creatures.”

It is from this space, of intuition, that her latest series “Tortoise Venus Nautilus and Us” has emerged. The paintings, she says, are a part of her own journey into those patterns that unify creation. One such pattern is the ratio of “Pi” that is found in the basic structure of living beings in the universe: in sunflowers, the shells of snails, the human body, even the trajectories of planets.

“Artists such as Da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Raphael knew about it. This knowledge has to be inside us. It’s not book knowledge. It is almost as though such inputs, thoughts and ideas become parts of a jigsaw puzzle that fit together to form a larger picture. So I’m talking about these connections and patterns.”

“Tortoise Venus Nautilus and Us” will be on view at Gallery Sara Arakkal, 156, 4 Main, BEML Layout, ITPL Road until December 8. For details, contact 41162622. As part of the exhibition, there will a book launch of The Little Book of Serendipity preceded by a panel discussion on “Intuitive Intelligence – Dame Chance! Sir Reason?” on November 24 at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Kasturba Road. For details, visit