Students from RLV College of Music and Arts from Tripunithura explore myriad themes in their paintings

Roots II is an experiment in colours and concepts. Put together by students of RLV College of Music and Arts from Tripunithura, Ernakulam, ‘Roots II’ represents their togetherness in artistic pursuits. The exhibition is part of the Vivid Palette Series at Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery on Avanashi Road.

The 80-odd paintings in acrylic, oil and water colour explore myriad themes. P. Ramesh represents a confused mind in the form of a man in a meditative posture. He has one girl in his heart and another in his mind. There is also the burden of knowledge — all these take away his mental peace. In another work, a number of pigeons take shape in white against a clear sky. A third has as subject the womb — “the only place where one can find solace”.

In a fourth painting, shrivelled hands reach out in search of light — eyes.

A. R. Anagha focusses on women. She says they need to break free and explore opportunities to emerge victorious. She represents a pregnant woman in the form of a tree. A red patch on its surface is a comment on the selective abortion of the girl child.

Mural art

Anoop C.A. has showcased murals with mythological themes in vivid colours. A majestic elephant which is chained conveys the growing disharmony between man and animal. In a work by Bijimol K.C., a girl sits by the window and stares, a longing to go back to a peaceful life in the natural environs of a village. The artist’s other works — paala poo (shenbagam which is associated with temples and the spiritual path), a lady with wings and a waterfall in a forest, all convey the thought of going back to Nature.

Ramesh explores the fantasy genre with his Galaxy series. In Galaxy I, he sprinkles an open pink sky with innumerable feathers and in Galaxy II, three horses (knife work) in metallic copper gallop in a surrealistic background, which he created by mixing oil and water. A 3D work of a portrait of Jesus works on a day and night concept. The face glows even in the dark.

An 8ft tall and 4 ft wide painting of maadam (backyard) of a house in Thanjavur is part of his collection in life study.

Some of the other paintings on display include an illusionary musical instrument with faces dissolving into the background, lotus blooms matching the steps of a dancer, and the sun and the moon representing the mood swings of human beings.

The exhibition is on till July 31 from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. For details, call: 0422-2574110.