Renowned director T.V. Chandran is completing a film on veteran artist C.N. Karunakaran. It is scheduled for a February release

C.N. Karunakaran has told a million stories on canvas in his unique style of painting. It is time that art lovers and admirers of his work got to know the man behind the artist. T.V. Chandran, his friend for over 40 years, is directing a film on the veteran artist.

Many have toyed with idea of making a film on CNK, but nothing came out of it. A random conversation with Chandran about the idea of a film/documentary led to him offering to make the film, Karunakaran The Artist. “I have known Chandran for a long time. From the time he was working in the Reserve Bank of India, before he started making films. Rather than have an outsider make a film, it is better that a friend makes it,” says CNK.

Work on the short film, produced by Shadowman Film Factory, is almost done says CNK. Parts of the film have been shot in Kochi and the rest will be shot in Chennai. The short film will shed light on his artistic journey, and his “evolution as an artist and the manner in which my style has evolved.”

His friends, family and peers would be privy to that process and they are also a part of the film. Namboodiri, Akkitham Narayanan, T. Kaladharan, M.T. Vasudevan Nair besides his contemporaries and colleagues in Chennai. “The time I spent in Madras was an important phase of my life and a part of the filming will be done there.”

About the process, CNK says “I make myself available when Chandran asks me to. If one were to ask me what the film is like or what I expect...I don’t know. I don’t know what he has planned. I will only know when the film is ready and I see the film.” The confidence that he has in the director is evident. With 80 per cent of the film done, the tentative date for completion is February, 2013, CNK reveals. The cinematographer is Reji Prasaad.