“My paintings reflect my journey as an artist and my personal observation of the world around me. I don't start with any particular theme in mind. It is just my canvas and my brush,” says Jaya Baheti on her latest art exhibition titled The Rural Symphony. A fine arts graduate the artist has participated in various workshops and exhibitions throughout the country and has her own studio in the city.

The pictorial depiction that glorifies the rigours of rural life through vibrant colours and figurative forms is the central theme of her exhibition. The three panel canvas painting that unfolds the nature and various characters of village celebrations beautifully captures the essence of rural life. “I have played around relationships and rural lifestyle to convey the simplicity of life and expectations of a villager,” adds Jaya while narrating the ethos of the rural world.

Moreover, the various expressions and facets of a woman have a predominant influence in all her paintings. Whether it's a mother-child relationship or resilient strength and earthiness, every painting boldly captivates the various roles of a woman. “It is a tribute to the unselfishness nature of a woman and her tremendous ability to multitask. I have even tried to draw a parallel between the life of a cow and women. Both are revered and is an embodiment of kindness and generosity,” explains the artist who believes that every human expression and quality will find a resonance with Mother Nature.

The use of acrylic and mixed media on handmade paper creates a strong contrast with that of her charcoal works. “Multiple panel canvas widens the scope of an artist while narrating a story and manages to create a grand effect. Therefore, this time I moved on from single canvas and have experimented with multiple panels,” says Jaya describing the tools that she has used in her work.

Colour backdrop and strong soulful eyes are the artist trademark style which reflects in all her work. The solo exhibition which is held at Taj Deccan will open till October 17 from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

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Connecting through artOctober 13, 2010